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Don't Make 6 Mistakes When Travelling to India

 Travelling to India is an experience unto other, which allows one to indulge in a variety of exotic food, varied landforms, a rich history and more with holiday packages in India. However, the mere diversity can be quite the culture shock for many, especially for people travelling from countries like the USA, UK, etc. Here is a list of ways in which you can avoid faux pas.

Do not wear skimpy clothes: Indians are quite conservative, and in most people still abide by age old customs. Even on hot days, men and women wear clothes that fully cover them. It is always recommended to “cover up” specially when travelling to smaller towns or religious places.

Do not use your feet much: In Indian culture, using the feet to point or push things is offensive. Touching books or paper with the feet is another big no no.  It is common etiquette to remove your footwear when entering someone’s home or a religious place.

Do not use your left hand for important things: Left hand is considered as “impure” in Indian culture. Even when offering something something to others, it should be done with the right hand.

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