Saturn and Ketu in the 4th House.

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Sun and Rahu in the 12th House of Horoscope-vedic Astrology

Rahu gives more or less the same results as those described under “Sun with Saturn in 12th house", but never with the type of severity as that of Saturn and Sun in that house.

For example, Rahu (with Sun) rarely makes a person totally insolvent or bankrupt. This combination generally does not lead to deaths in the family.

According to Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt "It does not give extreme type of legal punishment like rigorous imprisonment or the death sentence."

Similarly, this combination does not completely ruin  the health or education of the progeny, though it does affect the progeny adversely upto the age of 18 years, in matters of health and education, both.

Rahu (with Sun in 12th House) gives affiliation to gambling, speculation and other similar sources of unearned gains and losses, sometimes in larger quantum even more than what Saturn and Sun combination gives in 12th house.

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Venus in the 1st House of Horoscope-Vedic Astrology

Venus in the 1st house makes an individual sophisticated, gival neatness and cleanliness, a system and order to residence as as to the personality of self. Venus in the 1St house gives low fashionable loving, liking decoration of body and surrounding fond of good clothes/ outer show of food (even if the food be poor in quality).

According to Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt "Other points related to Venus in the 1st House are romantic nature, free in talks, given to smiles and (both loud and slow), pleasant personality (charming, h. beautiful) which might attract the attention of the opposite sex."

 Venus makes an individual, on the whole generous nature depending on financial background, liking for and journeys to beautiful places, fond of music/ drama/ performances/ acting/ dancing, adopting some habits for of attracting attention of others, especially of the opposite sex .

They are given to high perfumery, fresh flowers with fragrance, exhibitive, ornaments and jewellery (real or or cos

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Saturn and Rahu in the 7th House of Horoscope-Vedic Astrology

The point of importance is that Rahu with Saturn in 7th house gives ego problem first to the spouse and then it travels to the individual too. If both husband and wife are sensible and practical, they try to suppress own ego and make honest effort to satisfy the ego of the opposite party.

Importance of Saturn and Rahu in the 7th House.

But if both or either of the two is sentimental and emotional, matters drop down to worse situations. This ego problem if not suppressed and satisfied at the initial stage itself, can sometimes lead to physical separation and the word “divorce” starts surfacing in the process.

According to Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt "In case there is an element of suspicion in the mind of one of the two (husband and wife) about extra-marital affair or casual third angle’s appearance in the married life, the accused person prefers to actually develop a third angle in the married life even if it was not there when the suspicion started."

In other words it can be said t

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Sun in the 1st House of Horoscope-Vedic Astrology

This position of Sun gives a bad temper, non-flexible nature, un- adjustable with persons lacking in integrity, sometimes resulting in earning annoyance/ anger/ revenge from government officials and politicians.

If these individuals have any dues from government offices or from government owned Organisations or local bodies, municipalities etc., payments get delayed and sometimes great spokes are put in by greedy or jealous officials.

There are chances of goods produced or supplied by these individuals being partially or fully disapproved for non-official (or personal) reasons and selfish motives. These individuals fall easy victim, if in government or semi-government service or in government owned formations, to transfers to inconvenient posts and places.

They might have to face enquiries and investigations about their conduct in office, extending even to their personal and private life, whether warranted or not.

In fact, Sun is a double-edged s It can provide strength for th

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Sun and Ketu in the 12th House

Positively Ketu behaves like Mercury in this house, not on the pattern of Saturn or Rahu, inspite of having eclipse influence over sun.

Combination of Mercury and Ketu.

This combination is more concerned with education of the progeny. The individual or the spouse gives corporal punishment(brating etc.) to the progeny for inferior progress in education or for failure in an exam. It leads to further deterioration in the progress of the child in the next one or two classes. Therefore corporal punishment, at least for educational progress, should be given after getting the stars of the child examined in this behalf.


Ketu (with Sun) causes mild-type trouble to the eyes, hearing power, slight stammering, any kind of mild nasal ailment, and very rarely it concerns itself with indigestion, or liver or kidney trouble, no doubt with support of other hard planets.

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Venus and Ketu in the 4th House-Vedic Astrology


In 4th house, Ketu in conjunction with Venus gives results neither of Saturn nor those of Rahu. It simply supports Venus in leading acomfortable life, having affectionate relations with mother, no pain in ribs or upper abdomen, no pressure on heart inspite of mild digestive trouble now and then. Further, this combination does not give any major or serious trouble with or from conveyance or mode of transport.

The individual doesn't suffer for want of suitable residence as per status of the family, nor does it lead to eviction from the residence for reasons discussed in the preceding paragraphs under Venus with Saturn or Venus with Rahu combine in the 4th house.

Individuals with this combination are fond of decorating their residence and office by painting it in different colours, and furnishing it with colourful designs, even the furniture therein wears a decorative look. In their wardrobe too, these individuals have different patterns, different designs, and different colours wit

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Sun and Rahu in the 1st House

Working of Sun and Rahu in the 1st House

Though Rahu is considered a shadow (virtual) planet, its presence in combination in any house with Sun puts Sun in an ‘eclipse combination, thereby undermining the results of Sun and uplift the results of Rahu. It is a known principle that when Rahu alone in any house, it is not fully effective, but when it is with any real planet in a house, Rahu becomes 100% effective.

Rahu is very effective in 1st house.

Whenever Rahu is in the 1st house, whether alone or with any other planet, it gives a typical sense of ‘ego’ to the individual. It has already been stated above that Sun in the 1st house gives a touch of irritation and anger, therefore it can be concluded the: these two together would give anger and ego to the individual exceptions being rare.

Further, these two in conjunction often bar and marchances of progress of the individual in the field of politics or public service. And because Sun applies its influence, there are strong chances t

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Saturn and Rahu in the 3rd House

Rahu with Saturn.

The first thing Rahu (with Saturn) would do is to cause loss of one or two pregnancies to mother or loss of a brother or sister, before it attains the age of 12 years or at the most 23 years.

In all other matters, Rahu renders tenderness to the approach of Saturn to men and matters!

However Rahu gives a tendency to the individual to scrutinise the needs of help and support, physical and/or financial or moral, asked for by any blood relation of self, and then give the help or support actually and factually necessary. At the same time Rahu reduces the element of jealousy from uncle, aunt, spouses of own brother and sister as well as brother or sister or cousin of the spouse.

Saturn and Rahu in the Politics.

In the field of politics, profession, career, job, business and industrial venture, Rahu and Saturn together become very powerful to win over or wipe out cleverly the enemies, opponents, adversaries and competitors too. Saturn alone doesn’t touch the competitors

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Mercury and Saturn in the 3rd House

Combination of Mercury and Saturn in 3rd House.

The individuals with Mercury and Saturn combination in the 3rd house exhibit boldness and bravery, hard-work, fulfilment of duties and responsibilities, with a touch of wisdom and experience.

Sometimes they are vulgar in their approach to human beings and matters related thereto; but at the same time chivalrous too in their behaviour, conduct, and attitude. They are nice and affectionate to brother(s) and sister(s) so long as they are responsive.

But the moment these individuals find deceit, cheating, cunningness, treachery in behaviour and attitude from any brother or sister (of self or spouse), these individuals become ruthless in return, and would have no hesitation in usurping their rights, possessions, even titles.

If these individuals find adverse attitude or behaviour on part of the mother, step-mother, or adopting mother, they would, without any hitch, express annoyance to her also. Employees of these individuals work hard

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Mercury and Ketu in the 7th House

Mercury and Ketu with fear of law.

Though it is rare but the combination of Mercury and Ketu in the 7 house gives, in a less degree, the same results as those of Mercury and Rahu combination.

The only difference in Mercury and Ketu combine is that these individuals are of timid nature, entertain fear of law and order and, therefore as far as possible, do not indulge in any unlawful activity or business directly or through others.


Mercury and Rahu combine in the 7th house.

Secondly, Ketu normally doesn't cause diseases mentioned in the above paragraphs dealing with Mercury and Rahu combine in the 7th house. 

Though Ketu usually gives results somewhat similar to Mercury, in the 7th house, even though with Mercury, it makes the individual a hard working person, committed to aims and ambitions adopted, or any work entrusted to or any assignment handed over or any responsibility undertaken. 

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