Why Gmail is not receiving emails | Cuesinfo

If you are facing the issue Gmail not receiving emails, then there may be various causes for this issue. some of them are discussed below:
·         Incorrect Server address: many times, the email server is incorrect, so check the server address and find whether the problem lies here or there is any other reason.
·         Authentication type: authentication protocol is a type of computer communications protocol or cryptographic protocol that is designed to transfer authentication data between two entities. SSL is for incoming server authentication and for outgoing it should be TLS.
·         Filter related issue: may-be you have applied an email filter, so the emails are getting forwarded to trash or spam folder. Check the filter settings of your email and see if they are being moved to trash or spam folder. If there is any filter, remove it immediately. Now you will start receiving emails again.

What to do if Gmail not receiving emails issue is there?

If you are having the problem of Gmail not receiving emails, then try the following fixes:

  • If you are using an e-mail client or mobile device to access your account, then switch to web interface to access your account.
  • Go to the “All Mail” label and search for the missing mails. Look in trash or bin folder or the spam folder. If you find the mail there, then go to menu and select move to option to transfer the mail to the desired folder.