Why you can’t login to Plenty of Fish

If you are unable to login to your Plenty of Fish, there may be various reasons. If you can’t login to Plenty of Fish account, then there may be various reasons for this issue. One of the possible reasons is that your Plenty of Fish account has been deleted.

Your plenty of fish account may get deleted due to one of the following reasons:

  • You have used too many copy and paste messages.
  • You are messaging many people in a single day.
  • Your picture is having some sort of nudity.
  • A picture having a url or web address in the image.
  • The description of your profile contains a link to a web site.
  • Other members on Plenty of Fish have reported you.

How to overcome problems like can’t login to POF?

First of off make sure you are using correct username and password. Check the spelling and make sure you are not doing any caps lock mistake. If it is still not working, just make a new plenty of fish account.

If you have decided to create a new plenty of fish account, then make sure that you are not using the same computer and browser that you were using for the previous account. it is because there are chances you will face the same issue again as the computer IP address and cookies will give away who you are. To overcome this issue, create a new plenty of fish account using a proxy server and a different web browser.