World of Warcraft: About the general situation of Mechagnome

World of Warcraft: About the general situation of Mechagnome




In the past, for the players who have achieved the world’s mission, the following tasks are not very difficult. Then players have to achieve success – “Mechanical Threat.” To achieve this, players need to complete all of the following story lines on Mechagon Island!




“The Legend of Mechagon,” “A Quick Ear Hustle,” “This is Our Vault Now,” “Let’s Get It Started,” “You Must be This Height,” “Machinations for Mechagon,” “Only the Best Will Do, “To Mechagon!,” “Prospectus Bay,” “We Come in Peace…and Profit,” “The Resistance Needs YOU!,” “Rescuing the Resistance,” “My Father’s Armies,” “We Can Fix It,” Drill Rig Construction,” “Send My Father a Message,” “Welcome to the Resistance,” “Operation: Mechagon – The Mechorginator.”




When can players create Mechagnome?

The next time the content update goes live, the players who meet the requirements click on the taskbar, there will be related tasks waiting for you to unlock, and you are asked to recruit Mechagnomes as a league race. Once you’ve completed this link, you’ll get the following achievements: Allied Races: Mechagnomes, and create a brand new Mechagnomes in the Create Roles section. Another surprise is that when you create a character, the system will automatically unlock a new mount – Mechagon Mechanostrider. Players who wish to purchase World of warcraft gold are advised to purchase at



What profession can Mechagnomes play?


Hunters, mages, monks, pastors, thieves, warlocks, and warriors.


Similar to the Vulpera character options, they all have a very large range of choices, so every player with Mechagnomes will turn Mechagnomes into a different game career according to their needs. DPS, treatment and tanks are good choices, and we It is very likely that some of the more interesting little warriors will be running around.



What is the ethnic ability of Mechagnomes?

Rearming: When your health drops to a low level, it automatically heals you.

Battle Analysis: Become stronger when fighting the same enemy.

Super Organic Light Source: Summon your own bait to distract the enemy.