WOW: Pastor’s Skills Classification 3


Casting in 10 seconds, resurrects the target player. The resurrected player has 750 health and 1000 mana and can only be used in a non-combat state. The mana cost increases with the level, and the resurrection skills at each level consume the same mana (so you should choose the highest level resurrection you learned). After the resurrection spell is cast, the resurrected target will get a resurrection reminder. You need the consent of the resurrected target to truly resurrect the target. If the resurrected target is offline, the resurrection spell has no effect.
The resurrection at all levels is only different from the life and mana after resurrection, but because no matter what level of resurrection, the life and mana after resurrection are quite small, even using the skills with Cheap WOW Classic Gold bonus will not help (You need to rest and can’t immediately enter the battle), so in some cases, the resurrection of the next few levels can be considered temporarily out of school.

Cure disease
Cast instantly, consuming 60 mana, distracting a debuff of disease type from allied targets.
Abolish disease
Cast instantly, consumes 100 mana, and adds a buff for 20 seconds to allies. This buff removes a disease type debuff every 5 seconds. Belongs to the enhanced version of the treatment of diseases. You do n’t have to use this skill to cure diseases, but you should choose which spell to dispel according to the situation (because curing a disease consumes 40 less mana than abolishing it)
Dispel Magic
Cast instantly, consuming 75/125 mana (corresponding to the first and second levels, respectively), to dispel magic debuffs on allies or magic buffs on enemies, the first level can disperse one, the second Levels can diverge two. Very important spells, whether PvE or PvP. The use of PvE requires specific experience. For example, some buffs that are strange to themselves are of the magic type. If they are scattered, you need to try more. (If the target monster is humanoid, you can use mind control to see what type of skill it is. You can also let the mage use the spell to check the target’s buff.) And many things can be scattered in PvP, such as priest’s mantra: shield, mantra Technique: Fortitude, Mage’s Magic Shield or Druid’s Mark of the Wild, Concentration, etc.

mind control
Control the target humanoid monster or player. The controlled target’s attack speed is reduced by 20% for up to 1 minute. When this skill is used, the player will observe with the vision of the controlled object, and the movement will also control the controlled object. At this time, the priest itself is in a state of no control, so this skill is not very useful in most cases. Because the player also belongs to the humanoid system, this spell can control the player, but it is difficult to reach the player for 1 minute when controlling the player, and the control will be released in about 15-25 seconds.
If the target of the control is strange, you can use some of the strange skills (some too strong skill control is not allowed). If the target is a player, you can only use ordinary attacks and cannot use any skills. Players can use WOW Classic Gold For Sale to inherit their damage value when using skills, and use Warcraft Gold to buy better weapons to strike the enemy more effectively.