Entertainment The best Amazon Prime VPN 2022

Entertainment The best Amazon Prime VPN 2022

The best Amazon Prime VPN 2022

Amassing over 26,000 hours of TV shows and movies, including its own original content, Amazon Prime Video is home to more content than Netflix and Hulu respectively. However, if you’re outside the country your account is signed up to, your library of on-demand content will be limited due to licencing agreements. To work around this, though, you can install a VPN, allowing you to pick from amazing titles, including Fleabag and How I Met Your Mother, regardless of where you are.

When accessing your Prime Video account outside of the country, you’ll be faced with a limited library of TV shows and movies. This is because licencing agreements differ around the world, with different platforms carrying certain titles dependent on the country you’re in. However, your Prime account is locked to the country you registered in.

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