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Entertainment Apple iPhone 14 deals: the most likely launch promotions and what to expect

Entertainment Apple iPhone 14 deals: the most likely launch promotions and what to expect

Apple iPhone 14 deals: the most likely launch promotions and what to expect

Apple iPhone 14 deals could land as soon as mid-September if previous launches are anything to go by. If you, like us, are thinking about scoring a device at launch then you’ll find the most likely promotions for launch right here – both based on previous releases and the types of deals that are common on flagships currently. If you’re trying to budget ahead of time or attempting to work out your eligibility for an upgrade, then you should find this page useful.

Now, before we get into our iPhone 14 deals predictions know that details on the device are very, very slim on the ground right now. In fact, the iPhone 14 hasn’t even been officially announced. Subsequently, things like cost, specs, and even the name are completely open to speculation currently. Take all our predictions on this page as well informed guesses – and with a pinch of salt. 

With all that said, we do have a fairly good idea of what to expect with the upcoming iPhone 14 deals. Not only have we covered every iPhone generation at launch for many years now, but we’re also basing our predictions on the types of iPhone deals that have been offered on the current devices over the past year or so. Overall, we’re confident that most launch deals should generally conform to our predictions on this page. 

When will iPhone 14 deals be available?

We think the most likely date for iPhone 14 deals opening worldwide is on September 9th or 16th based on previous launches. 

Apple holds its big yearly keynote event on a Tuesday in early September, which has traditionally been used to announce the latest iPhones. Pre-orders for devices tend to land on the following Friday. The actual release date (IE, when the first devices are delivered), is the next Friday after that. 

If you’re interested, we’ve put together an in-depth page on the upcoming iPhone 14 pre-orders to specifically help our readers bag a device as quickly as possible. 

How much will iPhone 14 deals cost?

iPhone 13 mini

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We’re predicting the iPhone 14 to roughly cost about the same as 2021’s iPhone 13 at release, which is around $799 / £779. This would put the iPhone 14 into the same mid to upper-range price bracket as the rival Samsung Galaxy S22.

For the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, we’re expecting a price of around $999 / £949 and $1,099 / £1,049 respectively, which is again in line with the previous releases. Note, as with all predictions on this page, this is all based on informed speculation as no details about the device have been officially announced.   

Which retailers will feature iPhone 14 deals? 

Just below you can find a list of the main retailers we expect to feature iPhone 14 deals in September with an overview of the type of promotions they generally offer. Again, don’t take these predictions as gospel, but they’re the most likely scenario that will be played out, based on cell phone deals (opens in new tab) in the past year or so.

What about iPhone 14 deals in the UK?

UK Apple iPhone 14 deals for launch are a little harder to predict since we don’t know the pricing of these devices yet. Most networks will tweak their upfront and monthly costs around the overall device pricing so it could vary wildly depending on how much the iPhone 14 series costs out of the gates.

Generally speaking, for the standard iPhone 14 we expect a monthly price of around £40 to £50 for 100GB data at most of the big networks with no upfront costs on a two-year plan. If you’re going unlimited, then you’ll be looking at a bit more than that, although nearly every network has the option to pay more upfront and cut those monthly costs down. You can of course get plans with lower data allowances than 100GB or unlimited, but generally speaking networks offer the best value on the bigger data plans. The difference is usually a couple of pounds per month so we generally advise going for the larger plans for the best bang for the buck.

Some networks and unlocked retailers may offer trade-in rebates at launch, which we expect will roughly be in line with what Apple itself is offering – around £500 to £600, depending on the device. We could also see some cash-back offers or free gifts being offered by the networks, particularly if you’re switching over. Three in particular has offered £200 in cashback for new customers and we could see the network extend this deal for the iPhone 14 launch.

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