Entertainment Best Thunderbolt Laptops Of 2022

Entertainment Best Thunderbolt Laptops Of 2022

Best Thunderbolt Laptops Of 2022

The best Thunderbolt laptops are becoming more important as Thunderbolt 4 becomes more common. A laptop with at least one of these ports is crucial for connecting to all sorts of peripherals. After all, Thunderbolt ports are impressively versatile. The best external hard drives use them, as do newer keyboards, mice, and, most importantly, USB-C monitors.

They’re also blindingly speedy. You’ll find that a lot of laptops these days are equipped with a Thunderbolt 3 version of the port, which gives you speeds of up to 40Gbps. That’s four times as fast as USB 3.1. That’s why storage devices using this port are so quick when transferring large amounts of data. Anyone working with huge projects like video editors, photographers, and other creatives benefit from using one.

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