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Entertainment Best waterproof headphones 2022: top swimming headphones

Best waterproof headphones 2022: top swimming headphones

Take your music in the water with the best waterproof headphones. These are not the typical headphones variety that you usually see. They’re made for swimmers and are there to not only soundtrack those laps but also block out ambient noise whether at the beach or in the pool.

While best running headphones offer a lot of protection against dust and dirt, they only have enough water resistance to fend off sweat and rain, not full and extended submersion in a pool. You’ll find most of those with a rating at or close to IPX5 which is considered splash-proof instead of waterproof. To take headphones into the pool, they need an IPX7 rating or higher, something that we’ve taken into account for every pair included in this guide. We’ve also looked for ones with a tight but comfortable fit that won’t budge in the water.

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