Entertainment The best TV deals in 2022

Entertainment The best TV deals in 2022

The best TV deals in 2022

We’ve searched high and low for all the week’s best TV deals, and brought all our treasure right here. That means we’ve weeded out all the offers that aren’t worth your time, rounding up only the best and brightest discounts from across the US. That means you’ll find the week’s best discounts across all price ranges here, from budget 43-inch displays to high end OLED and QLED panels. 

Now’s a particularly good time to look for score epic TV deals thanks to upcoming Prime Day deals that will feature brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, and more. Our TV deals round-up includes everything from a mid-size 50-inch TV to a massive 75-inch set, with features such as pristine QLED displays, HDR for better lighting and voice control. We cover a range of prices, so you’re sure to find the best TV for you.

To help narrow down your decision, we’ve split our selection of TV deals into three categories based on screen size: 60-85 inches, 50-59-inch, and 32-49 inches. You’ll also see our top pick for the best TV deal of the week, which is the offer that we think represents the best outright value for most people.

See more of this week’s best TV deals and keep in mind this list is constantly updated with all the top offers so you can feel confident that you’re seeing the best TV sales from around the web.

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the best TV deals?

If you’re asking where I can find the best cheap TV deals – you can be sure to find all the top sales on this page. If you’re looking for the best retailers, Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy tend to feature the best cheap TV deals all year round, with stocks on both the newer releases as well as some old favorites. They’re especially a great place to pick up TVs as you’ll know you’ll be getting a full warranty and support, which you might not get if you opt for a cheaper TV deal on an auction site like eBay.

Other top retailers to check out include Samsung, Dell, and B&H Photo, which all offer great price matching along with excellent warranties. Below we’ve provided a list as well as some links to our favorite retailers, so you can check out the latest TV deals for yourselves.

How to tell if cheap TV deals are worth it

Cheap TV deals can often attempt to impress by offering a wide-range of unintelligible features and techno-babble that can seem pretty impressive on paper but often disappoint in reality. 

Because of this we always recommend you evaluate a cheap TV deal based on industry-wide accepted standards and features. Be on the lookout for HDR compatibility, 4K resolution, and the widely used smart home platforms, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. While these might seem like overly flashy terms themselves, comparing these features can give you a great basis upon which to compare the myriad of cheap TV deals that are out there.

Another recommendation from TechRadar is to check out last year’s models, which can often be found at an absolute bargain price compared to the new releases. It’s often the case that the newer models only have slight iterative improvements over last year’s edition, so sometimes you can skip out on the very latest features (that you might not need) and pick up a great TV deal for less.

When’s the best time to pick up TV deals?

The good news is cheap TV deals can be found at all the big retailers all year round. Week in and week out, there’s always something on sale over at Best Buy and Amazon, for example – many of which we’ll have rounded up in this article right here.

That said, many of the big retailers like to bring those cheap TV deal prices down even lower during many of the seasonal sales events each year. You’ll see some of the best deals during the Black Friday and Prime Day sales events, and luckily for you, 4th of July sales are just around the corner, so you can snag a bargain from retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and more.

Last year, we saw quite a few great TV sales during these events, including quite a few brand new 2022 releases. Make sure you bookmark this page, however, because even outside of seasonal events, we’ll still have all the best cheap TV deals here each week.

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