Entertainment I Used To Be Famous review

Entertainment I Used To Be Famous review

I Used To Be Famous review

Films about drumming tend to be intense, volatile affairs which leave you feeling like you’ve just duked it out with Animal from The Muppets. Think about the terrifying hurling of insults and cymbals in Oscar winner Whiplash, for example. Or the emotional rollercoaster of Riz Ahmed’s deaf noise-punk in Sound of Metal. And documentary, Beware of Mr. Baker, the hair-raising look at legendary sticksman Ginger Baker, added further weight to the theory that those who make a living pummelling various tom-toms are a different breed. Thankfully, a new Netflix musical drama about the healing power of paradiddles is a little easier on both the nerves and the ear. 

I Used To Be Famous stars Deadpool and one-time Game Of Thrones man Ed Skrein as Vince, a washed-up former boyband star who spends his days carting multiple synths around South East London begging disinterested bar owners for the chance to showcase his new more mature sound. Living in the kind of flat that would give Marie Kondo palpitations and unable to even afford a much-needed cider, his woes are compounded by the fact that old Stereo Dream bandmate Austin (Eoin Macken) has effortlessly made the transition from teen pin-up to all-conquering serious artiste. 

I Used To Be Famous

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Much to Vince’s chagrin, the latter has also since made enough money to smugly announce a farewell tour on cosy breakfast TV. You can imagine the other members of One Direction shooting similar daggers at Harry Styles in 20 years’ time.

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