Old Republic celebrates with all the free Astromech robot on May 4th


Like other pursuits related to Star Wars the Old Republic offers players a unique little gift to celebrate the unofficial Star Wars holiday on May 4.

By May 6th, players will be provided their own special star robots. This mini pet, like other pets, is usually a cool little follower, keeping your base camp and SWTOR Credits US population dense. Players will join to get the astromech robot before May 10.

In addition towards the free robots, players also can see discounts with a range of belongings in the game cartel market, which is usually a free game. This includes all appearance options, designer changes and series unlock 50% discount, 40% discount on all available Fortress decorations, along with a 35% discount on all available in-game mounts. The deal continues until May 6, so players who store cartel coins may consider buying a thing that suits them.

Star Wars: The Old Republic may be stable for longer than seven years, plus the last expansion was the knight in the eternal throne in 2016. Recently, inside the SWTOR Credits EU celebrations in April, BioWare announced a brand new extension, free for all those subscribers, called Onslaught. The charge will add two new planetary explorations, Onderon and Mek-Sha, Dxun’s new action, Corellia’s Flashpoint mission, plus a new gear slot called tactical items, all players will directly change their abilities and game style.

The charge is scheduled to be sold in September 2019.

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