SEO Trends Which Are Shaping Digital Marketing Industry

The digital boom has led to an accelerated demand for Atlanta SEO consultant. The role of SEO has been given massive importance considering the traffic it brings to a website. Indeed, SEO has revolutionized the digital marketing arena.

Here are the top SEO trends which have taken the digital marketing industry by a storm:

Voice Search

This includes virtual assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa to name a few, and helps in keywords optimization by usage of conversational phrases which can lead to long tail success.

Structured Snippets

A great chunk of information is delivered by Google inside the SERPs due to structured snippets and custom widgets. So, if your content can rank at the top amongst the high volume search terms, then it might be a case that you deliver information to the user without him/her even visiting your website.

Social Media

Search engines are important, but now social media platforms have become primary. This is the reason, even the best SEO company Los Angeles CA optimizes the content for social media platform and search engines. Organic targeting brings best result in this case.

Quality Vs Quantity

Earlier, SEO consultants believed that producing content on a regular basis is essential for achieving a satisfactory search engine ranking. However, now the companies providing professional SEO services Philadelphia believes that an effective SEO strategy is the one that focuses on long form content which is carefully constructed.

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