Entertainment The pandemic made PCs better – here’s how

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Entertainment The pandemic made PCs better – here’s how

The pandemic made PCs better – here’s how

Many companies had to quickly adapt when the world moved to remote work, at one point practically overnight, thus accelerating the digital transformation of many workplaces. PCs (opens in new tab), and in particular laptops (opens in new tab) and tablets (opens in new tab), became our anywhere office, vital for keeping us connected.

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Chris Lorigan, Portfolio Product Manager, Microsoft UK.

Our studies show 14% of respondents worked from home before the pandemic, a number which shot up to 68% among respondents during the initial waves of lockdowns in early 2020. As such, we all became more reliant on our PCs, which became one of the most important devices at home, while the activities that soon became ‘pandemic staples’ such as calls to loved ones, online quizzes, learning, as well as remote work and virtual meetings have all since influenced the evolution of the PC as we know it today.


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