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TruthFinder (opens in new tab) is a platform that claims to be one of the most trusted and best background check services in America. The company says it goes deeper than competing services by scanning dating profiles, education history, and owned assets when performing a check. It is based in San Diego, California, and was founded in 2015.

But how well does the site work in practice? As you’ll find out in this TruthFinder review, there are a few problems with the service, especially regarding pricing transparency and overenthusiastic promises about the level of information you’ll receive. Read on to find the truth about TruthFinder.

Plans and pricing

TruthFinder is frustratingly opaque when it comes to pricing. The only way to find out how much the service costs is to attempt to perform a background check and then wait several minutes while your report is prepared. Then, just before you open the requested report, you’ll be shown a pricing page. Unfortunately, this tends to be the norm as services like Instant Checkmate also use this approach to post pricing. 

TruthFinder review

TruthFinder requires a subscription to use, not ideal if you only want to buy a single report (Image credit: TruthFinder)

Rather than charge for a single background check, to use TruthFinder, you’ll have to subscribe to a monthly membership that unlocks unlimited reports. This costs $28.05 or $46.56 for two months, pushing the per-month price down to $23.28. The TruthFinder site is also programmed to occasionally offer special deals such as a single report with no membership or $1 to access five reports (the last offer was made after our test search and closing the browser page). A shortcoming is that there is not an annual plan with a discount nor an option to pay for only a single report.


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