With the use of PGP, blackberry users can send encrypted messages that only encrypted users can decrypt and read. Pretty good privacy is a widely known method used to protect personal and private communications between individual and businesses. It is fully supported on Blackberry devices, thus, making blackberry users to freely send and receives encrypted emails between each other and other companies as long as they implement the same security standard. PGP blackberry uses a modified public keys system to encrypt email messages. Every blackberry user would have a private encryption key that is only known to them and another encryption key known as the public encryption key that would know to other people so as to permit others communicating with them. This public and private encryption keys work together.

PGP blackberry was implemented making use of advance algorithm available, restricting access to their servers, and preventing unauthorized access to their servers. The strength of the encryption algorithm is as strong as the technology level of our day. This is because as our technology advances with all sort of computerized power, the algorithm for PGP strength is also advancing to match up with it. We can, therefore, ay that PGP remains a secure and strong means of encrypted the message.

Your messages are nobody’s business so you should endeavour to protect it by taking the necessary steps of encrypting your blackberry because PGP blackberry only sends encrypted emails to the intended recipient. Also, PGP blackberry user can also authenticate their identity hen ending their messages so the recipient would know that the messages are from them and not from any imposter.

Mobile telephones that provide security against electronic surveillance and eavesdropping are cryptophones. Most agencies in the world today make use of telephone communication to obtain political, military and economic information. Crypto phones have an edge over other phones because to can protect calls from being intercepted by outsiders by using an algorithm to encrypt its signals. This phone possesses a cryptographic chip that handles encryption and decryption. However, both users must have crypto phones logged into the crypto mood to allow the system work. For every call made in the crypto phones, there is always a section code generated for each specific call, that after the end of each call, all parameters are wiped off from the memory and the reconstruction of that section code is impossible.

The two most secured algorithms; key exchange algorithm and symmetric algorithms are both used to safeguard audio communications between the two devices. Crypto phones often make use of the most secure and well research encryption engines with very long keys that make it difficult for intruders to break into the system for the purpose of carrying out surveillance. In cryptophone, there are security features like the firewalls that help to identify and access request. Crypto phones are roughly 5 times expensive than your typical iPhone due to the sophisticated algorithms because its users have more control over what type of transmission takes place within their cell phones.

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