With High-availability, single-database configurability, resilient open-architectures, advanced diagnostics, and operator tools, LENNART provides total commissioned PLC & DCS solutions using extensively proven core technologies from multiple vendors. Our capabilities include redundant systems, integration to third party systems and multiprotocol communication.

Lennart has developed expertise in almost all major industrial automation software products and communication technologies. We have extensive experience on projects incorporating various latest and traditional communication protocols such as Ethernet, Modbus, Controlnet, Devicenet, Profibus, Fieldbus etc. We are extremely proud of our status as an official Solution Provider for major automation OEMs.

We take great care to ensure that our vendor relationships are aimed at providing our customers with the very best solutions for their applications. Some of our customers have specific guidelines for documentation and structure and we pay very careful attention to these requirements to make sure they get the program they expect. Our methods result in a successful startup that performs to the customer's expectations. Not only do our systems start up smoothly and perform as expected, our programs are easy to understand and maintain.

SCADA, Telemetry & RTU


As a leading industrial automation technology provider, LENNART is widely recognized in implementing Telemetry solutions. Our proactive approach and technology expertise enables us to implement fully automated systems ranging from field devices to highly sophisticated control and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) applications. Our SCADA application in the Control Centre performs centralized alarm management, data trending, operator display and control.

The SCADA technology enables communications with a range of wired (lease line, dial-up line, fiber, ADSL, cable) and wireless media (licensed radio, GSM, Satellite and GPRS). Lennart provides a powerful RTU based solution that integrates the power of the Programmable Logic Controller with the flexibility of Telemetry, in combination with modern communication technologies.

Lennart Solutions satisfy all needs relating to Telemetry. They allow traditional remote monitoring mechanisms such as precise registration of events, alarm management, multi-communications, and interfacing with all types of specific local equipment.



Lennart has been providing complete safety solutions for more than 5 years including Emergency Shutdown System (ESD), Process Shutdown System, (PSD), Safety Integrity Level System (SIL), and High Integrity Protection System (HIPPS) logic-solvers. Lennart is an approved Systems Partner for a range of TUV certified and SIL rated safety products – both programmable, and solid state logic types. Lennart design, Engineer, configure, supply, Assemble and integrate, Installation & commissioning of all the above safety systems including AMC contract.



Lennart offers the complete range of Field instruments including Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level Sensors and Transmitters. We also offer Panel & Control room instruments, Infrared Instruments, water quality and testing instruments, Analytical instruments and Calibration Instruments, Test benches etc.

We have established relationships with major suppliers, ensuring we comply with your approved vendors list or recommend suitable „best of breed‟ suppliers to meet your specifications. In-house Simulation facilities and accurate Test Instruments augment Lennart‟s capabilities to deliver 'ready-for-installation' systems requiring minimal onsite modifications and smooth system handover. A very strict adherence to installation standards and procedures and a qualified site team ensures the highest quality of installation of the instruments.