Lennart supply Electrical, Instrumentation Products and Control Systems for Thermal Power plant. We offer Electrical products Alternator, MCC, OCB/ACB/MCCB, VFD, Panel Meters, Switch gear, Bus bar, Terminal Blocks/Bushes, Slip/O rings. We offer Instrumentation and Control system products like Field Instrumentation (Pressure, Temp, Flow, level), Burner management system, Turbine control system, Analysers (Gas, O2, H2,Flue gas),Flame scanner, Arrester, Speedometer, DCS (Distributed Control system), Boiler control system, Fire detection and protection systems.




Lennart supply Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Systems Products for Nuclear Power plant. We offer electrical components like Gland seal circuit, Switch gear, Substation, Safety related batteries, 3-Phase induction motor, Electric Breaking, Induction motor, Buchholz relay, Panel, Electrical Metering, Electrical calibration test benches, Power SCADA.

We offer Instrumentation and Control system products like modules, Temp, Pressure, Flow, Level  sensors, Transmitters, Actuators, Purification system, Leakage collection system, Shut down cooling system, Chlorination system, Ventilation system, Firefighting system,D2O recovery system ,Residual heat removal, Radiation monitors, Ultrasonic level transmitters, Temperature control systems and PLC/DCS systems.




It is our immense pleasure to introduce ourselves to you as a leading expert solution provider and turnkey solar contractor specially in blending market leading products in to total integrated solutions.

With history and roots Lennart was created in 2015 and enjoys a wealth of highly experienced technocrats, multi discipline engineering and design talent.

Our Solar Solution includes Design, Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of different types of solar systems. With the Engineering, Sales, R&D;, Manufacturing and other support facilities at various locations in Chennai, We serve the full range of solar systems whether a discrete product or a complete system.

Lennart is an accessible and customer focus company with customer satisfaction as our first priority.

Local technical support facilities are vitally important to our Clients, and satisfying this requirement wherever possible is at the heart of our operating philosophy.

We offer the complete package to satisfy your need for Turnkey solutions. We have the expertise, experience and resources to meet your entire solar project from consultancy services and detailed design, through highest Quality Engineering, Manufacture, Testing & Commissioning to the vitally important long-term support and care for your systems.

The following are the Solutions and Services provided by Lennart,

  • Solar Engineering Consultancy
  • Solar system Integration
  • Solar Products and system Supply
  • Solar Design and Development
  • Solar Engineering and Documentation
  • Solar Installation and Commissioning
  • Software Development
  • Charge Controller Manufacturing

Our Services:

  • Consultancy Services
  • Contract and Project Management
  • Software Design & Integration
  • Integrated FAT Services • Installation, Supervision & Commissioning
  • Training
  • Spares Management
  • Support Contracts




Lennart supply Electrical, Instrumentation Products and Control Systems for Wind mill plant. We supply electrical products like Panels (MCC, PDB, and APFCR), Change over panel, Generator, Inverter, Draw out Panel, breaker box, fuse box, utility meter, VFD. We supply instrumentation products like DCS, PLC, Automation Panel, HMI Panel, Mimic Panel, SCADA Systems, controller, regulator, battery monitor, amp-hour meter, Field Instrumentation, Watt meter, Sensors, Anemometers, Data Loggers, Humidity instruments, Emergency Shutdown system.




The diagnostics and monitoring of the key parameters will increase the yields in the biogas power plant. Hence automation become very vital. Lennart delivery all key functions which includes sensing, monitoring and controlling   of all E&I including Flow rate, Pressure, Drives, Motor performance and also Safety technology and Automation. By effectively measuring the ingredients the operator can control the plant very effectively. Similar to Solar as there is no Co2 emission and there is a future for Biogas technology. Lennart provides the complete E&I solution from consultancy to commissioning.