Lennart supply Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Systems Products for Paper industry. We supply Electrical Products like Control panels, Generators, MCC, Starters, Switch Gear, Transformer, Variable Frequency circuit. We offer Instrumentation products like Flow meter, Recording Control meter, Pressure meter, Actuator, Gauges, Recorders, Converter, Data loggers, Switches, Relay.



Lennart supply Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation Products and Control Systems for Sugar plant industry. We offer the Electronics & Electrical products like Voltage Regulator, CPP power plant equipment, Panel metering, Switch gears, rotary equipment.

We offer Instrumentation and Control system products like DCS /PLC System, Boiler Automation System, VFD, PRDS Stations, EMC Production System,  Sensors, Color and Turbidity meter, Orifice meter, Venturi meter, Pitot tube, Polari meter, UV, IR, Refractive index & fluorescence, pH meter and conductivity meter, micro motion flow.



Lennart supply Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation Products and Control Systems for Cement industry. We supply Electrical Products like circuit boards, power supplies, transducers, relays, electrical semi-conductors and circuit breakers. We offer Instrumentation Products like thermocouples, gas probes, flame scanners, pressure switches and gauges, flow meters, speed and vibration sensors, micro-switch Positioners, probes, shaft encoders, firefighting spare parts, detectors, coils, DCS, PLC and Field BUS modules, turbine monitoring and control systems and signal calibrators, converters, transmitter and transducers.



If any chemical plant wants to reach maximum plant efficiency, then the automation only will enable to reduce risks and reduce operational costs. Whether it's a continuous process or batch process automation can be customized to the needs of an individual plant through process control systems or weighing systems.
When modular process control system architecture is integrated into the plant, it is capable of enhancing and optimising the induvidual processes and pre-define the key functions that is considered as engineering tasks. Even old plants which struggle without automation can be improved upon by upgrading or revamping the latest automation technology thereby improve plant productivity

Lennart offers the entire range of process control system required for chemical industries including weighing and batching systems



Paint manufacturers provide such a wide range of colors that it is impossible to effectively keep large quantities of each on hand. To meet a request the manufacturer will select a base that is appropriate for the deepness of color required and the  base is developed at using a slurry system and the SCADA software automates this process. 
The software is integrated with PLCs which are fully compliant with both IEC 61499 and IEC 61131 industrial control standards. 

LENNART offers the entire paint plant automation whether SCADA or Weighing systems and complete electrical equipment including electrical panels and pumps and Motors etc



Lennart supply Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation Products and Control Systems for Food and Beverage Industry. We offer Electrical products like VFD, Panels and Panel meters, Switch gear, Rotary equipments, Cables, Motors miniature, MCC etc. We offer Instrumentation and Control system Temperature sensors, pressure switch, Pressure transmitter, Compression and Shear beam load cells, Weighing systems, Variable Speed Drive, Flow Meters, CIP Systems, PLC, Touchpad HMI Display, and Digital Scales, Flow Controllers.



Lennart supply Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Systems Products for Glass industries.We supply Electrical products like Reflux Divider, Timers, Electro Magnets, Switch gear, MCC, Safety related batteries, 3-Phase induction motor, Electric Breaking, Buchholz relay, Panel, Electrical Metering, Electrical Calibration Instruments/test benches.

We supply instrumentation products like Digital Temperature PID Controller/indicator, UVTubemanometers/Gauges, Transmitters(Pressure,Temperature,Level), Continuous shear beam/compression weighing system, Flow meter, Positioner,Controller, Level controller, Transducer, Tuneable diode laser spectrometer (TDLS), Building Automation Systems, Dosing Systems, Batching Systems, Smoke Analysis, Data Loggers, Industrial dispenser, Furnace temperature control system/PLC System, SCADA system.



Lennart supply Electrical, Instrumentation Products and Control Systems for Aluminum Smelter industry.

We offer the Electrical products like Transfer Switches, Electrical Tape, Fuses, Plug-On Circuit Breakers, Miniature Circuit Breakers, Molded Case Circuit Breakers, Batteries, 3-Phase Magnetic Starters, Wire Markers, Safety Markers, Crimp Terminals, Heat Shrink Tubing. We offer Instrumentation and Control system products like Push button Stations, Limit Switches, Logic Controllers, Relays, Timers, Sensors, Proximity Switches, Frequency Drives