Pipeline is an area where automation have a major role to play in detecting leaks, sensing corrosion,identify the failing equipment and other problems so early enough to prevent serious damages to the environment and human.

Lennart very carefully in love in the selection of sensors, smart instrumentation, analytical software and other digital technologies to gauge the real-time conditions in the pipeline networks, as well as the equipment that manages the flow of gas or crude oil.




From oil wells to pipelines, onshore upstream and downstream Lennart offers complete E&I and Automation solutions to improve the efficiency of the processes and infrastructure with more efficient way.

We offer SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems which is the heart of most automation efforts in the onshore which sense,measure and to collect information from all field devices attached and then analyze and also display the information in a meaningful way.

Pressure, Temperature, Flow sensors and Level instruments parameters can be controlled through
drills, valves, pipelines, and storage tanks. The associated data from those sensors can be used to improve well efficiency, monitor custody transfers, trigger alerts, engage emergency shut-down systems, or even guide future brownfield developments

We offer Instrumentation and Control system products like modules, Temp, Pressure, Flow, Level  sensors, Transmitters, Actuators, Purification system, Leakage collection system, Shut down cooling system, Chlorination system, Ventilation system, Firefighting system,D2O recovery system ,Residual heat removal, Radiation monitors, Ultrasonic level transmitters, Temperature control systems and PLC/DCS systems.




Lennart supply Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Systems Products for Off-shore and Marine industries.We offer Electrical products like Meters, Panels, VFD,Fuses, Cable Ties,Commercial Timers & Counters, Cord Reels,FS & FD boxes,Fans, Grounding, Exothermic, Lightning Protection & Rail, Identification Products, Lugs & Connectors, Over current Protection, Signaling & Notification Terminals, Test & Measurement Tools, Wire & Cable Management, Wire way/Duct, Wiring Devices, Plugs, Connectors, Receptacles, Switches & Plates.

We offer instrumentation products like GPS , Speedometer, Engine Monitoring Tachometers, Digital Gateway Systems, Depth Sounders,   Battery condition indicator, fuel level gauge, Hour meters, Pressure gauge, Angle gauge, Temperature gauge, Trim,Voltmeter,Transducers.

Control system products like Process control and automation systems, Electronic Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Gauges, Laboratory Pressure Gauges, Calibration Instruments, Dead weight testers, Pressure Switches, Flow meters, Diaphragm  seal Gauges, Fire detection and Protection systems, Beacons,RTU, Pressure Switches, Seals,Thermometers,Thermo-wells,Thermocouples,RTD etc.




We offer the following electrical components like compressor, turbine, blowers,finfan,centrifugal pump, dozing pumps,centrifuges,exbuder,HV and LV distribution systems, Transmission Over Head Lines OHL,Street & Outdoor Lighting, Lighting and small power, Containment systems and cable installation.We offer instrumentation products like Fire, Gas and Emergency Shutdown (ESD) systems, Communication systems, Lighting protection, Hazardous area installation, inspection and reporting, Pressure controls, Flow meters, Temperature valves, Test and pre-commissioning, Consultation and advice to process operators, Risk assessment analysis, Pneumatic, electrical and electronic testing devices for inspection and testing of instrument and system operation, and diagnose faults.

Installation and maintenance of instruments on new or existing plant equipment and processes, Calibration and maintenance of components and instruments according to manufacturers’ specifications (PPE),Repair, maintain and adjust system components or remove and replace defective parts, Instrument hook-ups,Small-bore piping installation,SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) installation.




Remote wellhead monitoring and control minimize downtime and lost Production, reduce costs, Increase Safety and Compliance and Improve Operational Performance. In the remote well monitoring data can be collected wirelessly using communication protocols such as HART® and Modbus into a central control panel that is Lennart manufactured using “plug-and-play” devices.

Systems can be designed for monitoring and controlling the wellhead, separator, tank battery, or flow metering system independently, or provided in any combination to produce a comprehensive remote well monitoring and control system. Lennart offers the complete wellhead monitoring solutions including wellhead equipment, electrical and control systems on concept to commissioning basis.